Sign Mounting

Wall mount sign options


Wall Mounting Signs:


There are 3 standard types of wall mounting techniques. Internal corner clips, U-angle channel straps, and external 90-degree angle mounting clips.

Saddle Sign Mounting:


The saddle mount technique can be used for single or double pole mounting. The pole (s) goes through the guide bracket in the bottom of the cabinet and fastens to the saddle bracket at the top.


Center Pole Mounting:


The center pole sits in the saddles on top and bottom. The pole stub extends out the bottom and slides into a larger telescopic pole.


Wrap Around Sign Mounting:

This mounting technique allows the pole to go all the way through the cabinet. The pole attaches to the mounting brackets on the top and bottom of the sign cabinet.


Plate Match Sign Mounting:


Plate match is a popular mounting technique for interior center single or double poles. We install a pole in the center of the cabinet, the pole stub extends from the bottom of the cabinet with a plate. We match the plate to the existing plate or new plate. This is a plate to plate installation.


Mounting Signs Between Two Poles:

The sign cabinet is straddled between the two posts. The cabinet can be bolted from the inside, mounted with angle iron corner brackets or projecting angle iron brackets


Cantilever Sign Mounting:

There are a few options with the cantilever mounting technique. The horizontal poles can be internal or external. With the external pole method, the cabinet attaches directly to the posts, hangs from the posts or attaches with brackets. The internal pole method offers sturdy posts that run through the cabinet, the sign can be mounted through the main post or projecting from a building with plates.