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Counters and Podiums

Counter Displays and Portable Podiums

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Big Sky Backlit Counter Display, 24 wide x 40 tall Custom Printed

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Big Sky Backlit Counter Display, 48'' wide with SEG Graphics

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Big Sky Backlit Counter Display, 72 Wide x 40 Tall with SEG Graphics

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Big Sky Podium Counter Display, 24 Wide x 40 Tall, Non-Illuminated

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Big Sky Portable Counter Display 48 Wide x 40 Tall, Non-illuminated

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Big Sky Portable Counter Display 72 Wide x 40 Tall, Non-illuminated

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Wavelight Air Podium, Inflatable Backlit Double Sided Display

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Printed Counters Radiate a Distinctive Artful Flair

Backlit Counter Display for Trade Show Events

Promotional counters and podiums are alluring and resplendent. Picture how sophisticated you and your team will look standing behind a vibrant counter display with your branding. The graphics are printed high definition on a quality fabric material with dye sublimation. This process results in a superior quality print with clean rich colors. SEG displays are sturdy, portable and easy to manage. You can use your counter as a trade show display one day and a podium display at a convention the next. The countertop is a stylish frosted acrylic that is useful for handouts and meeting customers. The inside of the counter provides extra storage by lifting up a corner of the graphic.

Add lighting and choose to "go with the glow" to further enhance your branding with brilliant illumination that radiates luxury and flair.

We can make SEG fabric displays in almost any size to meet your needs. Our extrusions can build custom counters, tall towers, banner stands, event booths, and backdrops. We use quality aluminum extrusions and silicone edge graphics (SEG) that have a tightly drawn smooth fit. The frosted acrylic counter-top sits on top of the frame giving you a place to meet with customers and keep presentation materials. All displays have the option of enhancing with LED lights to kick them up a notch. Made in the USA.

Internally lit counters are brilliant and alluring, lighting dramatically enhances your display. If you want the wow factor then simply add lights. Bright LED strip lighting attaches to the frame uprights. The lights point inward to illuminate the center for smooth ambient lighting throughout the entire display. The lights are low voltage with a transformer that plugs into standard outlets.

Key Features

  • Portable, SEG frames break down small
  • Set up is quick and easy
  • LED strip lights offer bright even lighting
  • Backlit graphics fit snug for a smooth surface
  • Silicone edge graphics (SEG) graphics have no edge distortion
  • Printed dye sublimation for deep rich colors
  • Warranty: 1 year on frame and graphics
  • Made in the USA

Big Sky Podium Stands are great for speaking engagements. You can travel with than from event to event and easily change the graphics as often as you like. Standing behind an upscale custom printed podium is soothing for the speaker and the audience will have more appreciation and respect. Consider a backlit podium for adding a harmonious glowing atmosphere. The 2ft wide podiums are the most popular for speaking events.

Big Sky Counter Displays are ideal for trade show events featuring stunning printed graphics, style, and portability. Counters are generally set-up in front of your booth to promote your business and welcome customers. Make a great first impression with distinctive graphic designs and branding that matches your booth. The acrylic countertop offers ample room for handouts, brochures and meeting customers face to face. The 4ft and 6ft counters are most popular with our exhibitors.


Backlit Counter Display for Trade Show Events

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much weight can a countertop hold?

A: The counter-top is rated for 15 - 25 lbs.


Q: Are the counters easy to setup?

A: Yes, the kits come with everything you need including instructions and the hex tool. Once the frame is constructed the graphic edges insert into the frames recessed grooves. Set the counter on top and you are ready to go. Its a one-person job and after the first set-up it is very easy.


Q: How long does it take to get my counter?

A: Allow 3 - 5 days for printing and building the frame. We have east coast and west coast facilities so transit is generally from 1-3 days ground rates.


Q: Will my colors fade when illuminated?

A: Any backlit graphic will lighten up when illuminated. We print dye sublimation with deep saturation to minimize this as much as possible. When designing select deep colors that can lighten a bit and still look good, black will gray a bit so blue may be a better choice if possible. Areas, where you want to highlight design in the lightest colors, yellows and oranges look amazing backlit.