Trade Show Displays
Trade Show Displays

Backlit Fabric Displays for Trade Shows 

Powerful Advertising with A Radiant Glow

Portable Illuminated displays for exhibits. trade shows, conventions and POP Displays.

Backlit Exhibit Booth Displays Boost Your Advertising Visibility

Backlit trade show displays

Brilliant illumination compliments fashionable custom printed fabric displays in any size and style you desire. The ambient lighting behind the soft fabric graphic creates a chic and alluring effect to captivate and engage shoppers. Go with the glow to ensure your backlit fabric displays have an attractive elegant look that will stand out in any space. Backlit trade show displays are popular for retail advertising displays, POP displays, and trade show event backdrops.

Silicone-edge graphics (SEG) have a plastic edging that's sewn right into the fabric and simply presses into the grooves on the display frame. The banner is held taut to provide a clean smooth surface that is ideal for branding and advertising. The backlit graphic material has just enough stretch to remove the wrinkles.


The SEG frame is made with quality aluminum with a low profile, some of the displays have edge-to-edge graphics that appear frameless. SEG displays are portable and easy to manage. Set-up instructions and video is provided for each exhibit. Most set-ups can be performed in about 1/2 hour or so depending on the size of the booth, the first set-up is always the longest but it gets much easier and faster as you go.


Radiant led lights get your graphics glowing, naturally highlighting the lighter colors in your graphic designs. Our backlit fabric graphics are printed dye sublimation, the inks are saturated deep into the fabric to ensure the colors remain vibrant when the booth is illuminated. When designing your banner keep in mind the colors will lighten a little which is normal with all backlit signs. Pick colors that will look good lit and non-lit,  contrasting colors work well keeping in mind the lighter colors emit more light.

Custom backlit exhibit booth displays boast an artful upscale look whether they are backlit or non-lit. Although most of our displays are featured with lighting we do offer standard fabric displays without lighting. Our customer service reps can help you get the best marketing display for your project.  Feel free to visit our trade show display site for more display options Display Shop USA.


Backlit SEG Fabric Displays

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do the LED lights plug into a regular outlet, how many amps?

A: Yes the lights have a transformer that plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet, the amps for each display different can be found on the individual specification sheets.


Q: Are SEG Displays easy to setup?

A: Yes, the kits come with everything you need including instructions, set-up videos, and any tools needed. Once the frame is constructed the graphic edges insert into the frames recessed grooves. Connect the lights and you are ready to go. Its a one-person job and after the first set-up it is very easy.


Q: How long does it take to get my booth?

A: Typically its 3 - 5 days for printing and building the frames. We have east coast and west coast facilities so transit is generally from 1-3 days ground rates.


Q: Will my colors fade when illuminated?

A: Any backlit graphic will lighten up when illuminated. We print dye sublimation with deep saturation to minimize this as much as possible. When designing select deep colors that can lighten a bit and still look good, black will gray a bit so blue may be a better choice if possible. Areas, where you want to highlight design in the lightest colors, yellows, and oranges look amazing backlit.