Outdoor Lightbox Signs
Outdoor Lightbox Signs

Outdoor LED Light Boxes

Aluminum cabinets, vacuum-formed sign faces, and led lighting.

Current turn times for standard Lightbox cabinets:  5-6 weeks with blank or no faces - 8-10 weeks painted or printed sign faces

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A brightly lit business sign in front of your building is the best way to advertise your presence and bring in customers. Our illuminated box signs are bright, attractive, and built for rugged outdoor applications. We use reliable LED lights with a durable sign face in an aluminum weather-resistant cabinet. These outdoor lightboxes deliver an unparalleled impact for reaching your target audience. Popular for storefront signs, business identification signs, school signs, church signs, and strip mall signs.

One of the most important aspects of your sign is the sign face. We specialize in vacuum-formed pan faces offering advertisers a sign design with a projecting look. Our skilled professionals paint translucent inks in reverse on the inside of the acrylic to be seen from the outside. This protects your signs branding against the elements and will last for years to come. Quality paints look great whether the sign is illuminated or turned off during the day. We have graphic designers available to help you get the best sign decoration for your business.

Outdoor Light Boxes w/ LED Message Sign

Sign Faces: We make custom sign faces to meet your needs. First, you will need to decide if you want a flat face or a pan face, clear or white acrylic. A flat face is a good option for vinyl graphic applications where signs are subject to change such as strip malls. For long term signs, our extruded pan face is stronger with a more appealing look. Pan face signs are printed on the inside of the sign face thus protecting your investment. Pan faces also provide optional embossing of text and logos. We use Acrysteel© X15 and can make faces as large as 8' x 21' in one piece. The biggest advantage with this acrylic is the long-term clarity (8-10 years), acrylics do not significantly alter in color during that time period keeping your graphics bright and sharp. Acrylic is impact resistant and withstands high winds.


  • Pan Faces: We specialize in vacuum-formed pan faces and have the fastest sign face forming ovens in the world. Our ovens form a single face every 7 minutes. The face is extruded to a depth of 1.5 ", this gives more than just a decorative appearance to the face, it adds strength and durability. For a long term sign solution we spray translucent paints on the second surface reverse (inside of the pan), this process looks great and protects your investment. You can opt for embossed lettering and graphics that are raised to stand out for a bolder 3d look.
  • Flat Face: We supply flat faces in white or clear acrylic. The translucent vinyl graphics are applied edge to edge. We print full-color designs on pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl and apply the graphic to the face. You can also print and apply your own graphics as needed. Please note that the longer the vinyl graphic is in place the more aggressive the adhesive becomes and the harder it is to remove. We offer replacement faces.


Custom shaped business identification sign

Sign Cabinets: We make standard extruded sign cabinets as well as custom cabinets. Our experienced and certified welders and electricians will handle any job with attention to detail and quality. Custom cabinets let you be creative and unique with your sign shape. Our professional engineers have experience fabricating custom cabinets that are out of the ordinary and extraordinary. The heavy-duty aluminum cabinet is weatherproof and robust. The hinged access door allows the advertiser easy access to the inside of the cabinet. We also make routed faces on aluminum sheets that chic and attractive. Routed aluminum faces are a very durable type of signage. We stock a variety of aluminum sheet sizes to fit any application.


LED Lights: We use reliable LED lights to assure our outdoor light boxes keep working for our customers for many years. We optimize the number of LEDs to assure the light box will have crisp even lighting across the entire sign face. LED lights are cost-effective to operate making it affordable to run your sign all night every night. We offer custom lighted signs, double-faced sign cabinets, and irregularly shaped sign cabinets.

There are many ways to mount your outdoor sign such as wall mount signs, double and center pole saddle mounted signs, mounting signs between two poles and monument mounting.

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Outdoor custom made light boxes

Key Features

  • All-weather aluminum cabinet
  • Durable acrylic vacuum-formed pan faces
  • LED illumination optimized for even coverage
  • Hinged door for interior access and face replacement
  • We offer custom sizes, custom shapes, and custom colors
  • UL approved and labeled, outdoor led signs meet local & national code requirements.
  • Made in the USA 


Our expertise in outdoor light box cabinet manufacturing and LED lighting products are what make our products top-notch in the industry. We create the perfect custom light-box for your business branding. These heavy-duty light boxes illuminate your outdoor storefront sign using energy-efficient, powerful LED lights.

We make custom shapes that are unique and extraordinary

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