Outdoor LED Digital Sign 9mm 4ft x 8ft EMC - Double Sided

Outdoor LED Digital Sign 9mm 4ft x 8ft EMC - Double Sided

LED Electronic Message Center Signs (EMC), Double Sided

Electronic Message Centers make a big impactful in front of any business with high visibily lights and motion. Bright LED lights and flashing messages catch the eye of traffic to get your business found and bring customers inside. Display images, videos, advertisements,  promotions, news, brand yourself in brilliant flashing lights,  the possibilities are endless. The screenhub software also allows you to post tons of content like, weather, widgets, Twitter, RSS, stocks & other real-time info. Our powerful digital display software is for beginners and experts alike, our easy-to-use software will help you create your content, adjust design schedules, and monitor your hardware.

Cirrus outdoor digital LED signs are durable and easy to maintain. Solid-state technology and a flexible modular system provide high-quality, high-resolution displays that are built to last. Our full support team is ready to help you get the most out of your EMC business sign. The revolutionary quick-locking frame system features easy assembly to reduce installation costs. No tools are required for frame assembly, making it a quick and easy process to build and change out sections. Snap-on frame covers protect the electronics and have a finished, more polished look. They keep bugs and critters out of your digital displays and provide a clean, finished look to complete your installation. Our LED EMC displays have an IP rating of 65, which is dust-tight to the highest   standard, as well as protected from rain and snow. Our solid-state modularity makes our displays super light, on average 1/2 the weight of our competitors., this saves big on installation and maintenance costs.

Key Features

  • 4ft high x 8ft wide double sided
  • 9mm Minimum viewing distance of 20ft
  • High visibility with bright lights and dynamic motion
  • Revolutionary quick-locking frame system
  • Onsite performance monitoring - pixel detection error
  • Low operating costs, lightweight construction
  • Waterproof and stands up to extreme weather conditions
  • Warranty: 5-year hardware / 5-year service (subscriptions)

Our digital displays feature a fully customizable modular system that delivers exceptional image quality and clarity.

Find your perfect pixel: We offer a range of pixel sizes so you can choose the right sign for your business within your budget, choose from 4, 6, 9, and 12 mm. A smaller pixel pitch indicates higher pixel density, higher resolution and higher costs. Pixel pitch is important because it influences image quality and viewing distances. The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance. Experience stunning clarity and exceptional visibility with our array of pixel options.

ScreenHub Software: The ScreenHub content management system is more than just software. It's a powerful tool that allows you to easily create, manage, and schedule content for your displays. The intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to use, regardless of their technical background. You can customize the content, update it on the fly from anywhere on the planet, and see the health of your display in real-time.

Pixel (LED light) Error Detection: We are proud to introduce a game-changing innovation, pixel error detection. You won't have to worry about a single LED going out on your display and ruining the whole experience. Our cutting-edge hardware can digitally detect a fault in each individual LED without anyone even looking at the screen. That's right, our boards have the intelligence to detect pixel errors in real-time, ensuring that your display continues to shine brightly and impress your customers.

Pixel Pitch Comparison

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Width 8 feet
Height 4 feet


Sign Style Outdoor Digital Sign (EMC)
Size 4ft x 8ft - 32 Modules
Resolution 9mm (Also available in  4, 6 and 12mm)
Minimum Viewing Distance 12 feet
Color 281 trillion
Brightness 7000 Nits
Display Lifespan 100000 hours
Viewing Angle 160° Horizontal / 90° Vertical
Refresh Rate 24-60 FPS (dependant on display size)
Application Outdoor business signs
Sides Double-sided
Module Size (19) 24”w x 12”h x 4”D x 11.2 lbs
Module Matrix 32x64 per module
Module Wattage 105w per module
AC Input Universal AC input (90-264VAC input range)
WIFI Connection TP Link long-range high power bridge
Cellular Broadband 5-year cellular broadband available
Certificates FCC, UL 879, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 207-M89
Warranty 5-year hardware / 5-year service (subscriptions)
Shipping SizeCrate approx 40 x 78 x 20
Weight352 (Approx. 11lbs per module)
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  • Code: cir-emc-4x8-9mm
  • In Stock, 1-2 Weeks
  • Weight: 352.00 lbs.
  • $25,142.00
  • 2 or more $24,387.74
  • 4 or more $23,884.90
  • 10 or more $22,627.80
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