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Indoor and Outdoor, LED Illuminated, Lifetime Guarantee

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Luxe Precision LED Letters, Lighted Face with Color Options

Illuminated Letters with Translucent Face in Custom Colors 8" to 24" highThis letter style has a tra..


Luxe Precision LED Letters, Face and Halo Lit with Color Options

Illuminated Letters with Face and Halo Lighting in Custom Colors 8" to 24" highThis letter style has..


Luxe Precision Lighted Letters, Halo Lit with LED Color Options

Illuminated Letters with Face and Halo Lighting in Custom Colors 8" to 24" highThis letter style is ..


Luxe Precision Lighted Letter Sign, Halo Lit with Face Color Options

Illuminated Letters with Halo Lighting 8" to 24" highThis letter style has a translucent lighted bac..


Illuminated Sign Letters

Lighted Sign Letters


We make many styles of led sign letters to make your business sign glow with attractive illumination and style. Our LED lights brightly lit with reliable low-cost sign operation. Lighting attracts attention and makes it easier for customers to find you. Energy-efficient LED lights enable you to run your sign all night and advertise your business even when you're not open. Indoor and outdoor lighted letters enhance your branding and create an ambiance that gives your business a superior look.


Whether you choose plastic or metal our lighted sign letters are built to last and we stand behind every letter with a lifetime warranty. We use quality LED lighting with a 4-year manufacturer's warranty.

We make alphabet letters, numeric letters, logos, and icons. Plastic light up letter signs are available with lighting that are front-lit, front and side-lit, side-lit only, backlit and halo-lit. You decide which style works best for your business sign.  Frontlit letters are illuminated only in the front and the sides are opaque. Halo and backlit letters are illuminated from behind. 




Gemlite led sign letters are bold and colorful to represent your business. The plastic letters are produced with a two-part construction, faces and cans. Both components are made from UV-stable, non-petroleum based, renewable CAB plastic.  Typical backs are formed in white to better reflect the LED lights that are secured to the backs with special hold-downs.  The possibilities are endless with these three-dimensional letters and logos. Get creative and get your business glowing.


We put a light behind your letters, glow your business us!


Looking for something a little different? You may want to consider our outdoor lightbox signs that accomadate full color printed graphics fror business identification.


Gemini Channel Letters


 Lightbox Shop is an Authorized Reseller for Gemini Incorporated.