Lighted Mirrors
Lighted Mirrors

Luxury Lighted Mirrors

We make custom illuminated mirrors to meet your specific needs. Top-quality backed by a 7-year warranty.

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Aria Lighted Mirror with LED Lights and Radius Corners

Crisp Lighted Mirror, Front-facing Inset Light StripThe Aria™ illuminated mirror is elegant in desig..


Bela Lighted Mirror with Light Bands and Round Corners

Crisp Lighted Mirror, Front-facing Inset Light BandsThe Bela™ illuminated mirror adds a contemporary..


Eternity Lighted Mirror with Light Bands and Round Corners

Crisp Circular Lighted Mirror with LED Light Rings The Eternity™ illuminated mirror combines a ro..


Eyla Lighted Mirror, Front Lit Edges and Radiant Wall Glow

Clear Crisp Reflection, LED Illumination, Radius Corners The Eyla™ illuminated mirror brings soot..


Fusion Illuminated Vanity Mirror with Replaceable LED Lights

Crisp Mirror Reflection with Strong Lines, Replaceable LED LightsThe Fusion™ illuminated mirror has ..


Integrity LED Lighted Mirror with Frosted LED Lit Bands

Our Most Popular Luxury Illuminated Mirror The Intergrity™ is a luxury mirror with lights that ad..


Novo™ LED Lighted Mirror with Frosted LED Edges

Luxury Wall & Vanity Mirror, Backit Frost Bands and Soft Wall Glow The Novo™ is a luxury illu..


Radiance LED Lighted Mirror with Inward Facing Lights

Luxury Wall & Vanity Mirror, Inward Facing Lights The Radiance™ electric mirror has a new sli..


Serenity LED Lighted Mirror with Wall Glow Lights

Luxury Wall & Vanity Mirror, Wall Facing Lights The Serenity™ illuminated mirror creates a so..


Silhouette LED Lighted Mirror, Edge Lights and Wall Glow

Luxury Wall & Vanity Mirror, Wall Facing Lights The Silhouette™ luxury illuminated vanity mir..


Trinity LED Lighted Round Mirror, Light Ring and Wall Glow New

Trinity LED Lighted Round Mirror, Light Ring and Wall Glow

Luxury Wall & Vanity Mirror, Wall Facing Lights The Trinity™ luxury round mirror with lights ..


Illuminated Mirrors Add Luxury to Any Space

Luxury lighted bathroom mirror

Our brilliant illuminated mirrors combine radiant elegance and crystal clear reflection. Our lighted mirrors are as much a fashion statement as they are functional. Attractive designs strike a balance with state-of-the-art technology to create a mirrored centerpiece with a modern twenty-first-century style.

Electric Mirror is a  made-in-the-USA manufacturer with unparalleled quality that safeguards your investment. Most products are created in our Pacific Northwest factory, by a workforce committed to ensuring solid performance and unrivaled user experience.

Our mirror glass is specially engineered to withstand humid bathroom environments. UL certifications ensure products meet or exceed critical safety standards. We offer a superior 7-year warranty backed by a U.S. customer support team.


We make custom designed lighted mirrors

Our lighted mirrors are used in hospitality, residential, commercial, senior living, healthcare, retail, salons, sporting facilities, and more. Illuminated mirrors are popular for bathrooms, corridors, guestrooms, living rooms, closets, foyers, restaurants, offices, patient rooms, dressing & changing rooms, and makeup counters.


Lighted Mirrors with DuraMirror™

Electric Mirror glass comparison

Benefits of DuraMirror™:

  • Durable – The highest quality mirror available. Up to 3 times the life of standard imported mirrors from China
  • Corrosion Resistant – Made to resist de-silvering and black edges caused by high humidity and the effects of cleaners
  • Superior Reflection – Eliminates the distorted “fun house” effect seen in imported mirrors from China.

Why DuraMirror?

When planning an investment such as Lighted Mirrors, attempting to cut costs by purchasing from China is an expensive mistake. Standard mirrors from China are not designed or capable of withstanding harsh bathroom environments. DuraMirror is, and because it is, it will generate long-term replacement-cost savings.


Solon lighted mirrors

Brilliant LED Lighting

LED Lights

Our dimmable, replaceable, energy-saving LED lighting raises the bar on quality, color, and brightness. Since we know a bright, warm color is generally most flattering, we designed our mirrors with a standard light temperature of 3000K for a natural look.

LED Dimming

Control your mirror’s brightness and enhance your room ambiance with advanced dimming technology, available in lighted mirrors, smart mirrors, mirror TVs, mirrored cabinets, and wardrobe mirrors.

Keen Dimming Option

Bring the Eyla™ and Silhouette™ lighted mirrors to life with the beauty and functionality of Keen™, which offers intelligent dimming, eco-friendly technology, and Night Glow with a touch.

Ava Color Control

Take task lighting to a beautiful new level with Ava™, which lets you change the LED light color (between 2,700K, 4,600K and 6,500K), as well as the brightness level, to make precise makeup application possible. Ava is available in the Aria™, Bela™, Eternity™, Fusion™, and Integrity™ lighted mirrors.

Reliable lighted hospital mirror

AV Mirror Displays

Savvy SmartMirror

With the exquisite Savvy™ SmartMirror™, form and function have never been better friends. Featuring an easy and elegant launcher, enhanced functionality generated from the integrated motion sensor, a far-field microphone, and a multi-touch display. Savvy takes smart mirrors to a whole new level. Because Savvy is compatible with any Android-based app, there’s virtually no limit to what you can do.

Bathroom Mirror TVs

We offer four bathroom-mirror TV styles. Each one comes with a waterproof remote, with a choice of a 15.6” or 21.5” TV displays, and comes with the Spectrum mirror glass technology.

TV Covers

The Eclipse™ TV Cover instantly transforms your existing flat-screen TV into a beautiful mirror, making your room feel larger and more luxurious. When the TV is on, the Iris® mirror glass ensures a premium viewing experience with a bright image and reduced glare. When the TV is off, Eclipse becomes a sleek and modern mirror. Eclipse’s universal design is compatible with any flat-screen TV built since 2014, and simply and easily mounts to the wall.


Lighted mirrors on the production line


The Mirror glass is usually the first thing to fail on a mirror with lighting so it’s the most important thing to consider. Our mirrors are specifically created to protect against heat, humidity, corrosion and scratching to give you years of clean, clear, accurate and non-distorted reflection. We conduct rigorous, ongoing testing to ensure this superior quality:

  • Acid resistance test: Our mirror glass is submerged and soaked in a strong acid solution for 20 hours.
  • Alkaline resistance test: Our mirror glass is submerged and soaked in a strong alkaline solution for 20 hours.
  • External CASS testing: Our mirror glass is subjected to four complete testing cycles totaling 480 hours via an independent third-party lab.
  • External CASS testing: Our mirror glass is subjected to four complete testing cycles totaling 480 hours via an independent third-party lab.
  • Internal CASS testing: Electric Mirror has invested in its own CASS chamber to allow for additional ongoing testing.
  • Adhesives test: The adhesives we use in the production of our lighted mirrors are applied to the mirror backing to ensure compatibility.

Our mirror glass passes rigorous testing. Because we’re so passionate about mirror glass quality, we invest in ongoing testing of not only our own mirror glass but that of our competitors as well. Using the Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (CASS) testing method, we subject mirror glass to a highly corrosive environment that mimics the extreme heat and humidity conditions found in most bathrooms. This acetic salt attack reveals the mirror’s durability and resistance to corrosion over time.

“CASS testing has long been considered the gold-standard for corrosion testing. The fact that Electric Mirror has invested in its own CASS chamber and conducts regular testing is commendable. The fact that Electric Mirror’s glass outperforms that of its competitors’ time and time again is remarkable.”

– Rick McCurdy, Harvard Chemistry Ph.D. and renowned glass performance and integrity expert