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Digital Timer Display MM:SS or HH:MM with Control Contacts 20x8

LED Timer Clock, Counts Up or Down MM:SS or HH:MMLet the count down begin! This digital event timer ..


Digital Displays for Data Collection and Display

LED Scoreboard Signs

These digital displays are have been manufactured in the USA for over 35-years with sales exceeding one million products. We offer a variety of quality products for measuring, tracking and safety signage. The electronic display product line includes led scoreboards, counters, timers, plus printed display products to enhance the effectiveness of your signage. Digital displays automate your data collection processes and display them for employees and customers to see, you should see immediate improvements to productivity and peak customer interest.

LED Lighting: All our displays utilize Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that are bright, low cost to operate, and reliable. Sharp letters and numbers are easy to read, we make several sizes to choose from. The taller the character the farther away it can be seen from. For example, 2.5" numbers are visible from 100 ft while 8" numbers are visible from 400ft! Best of all led lights come in many colors, choose from amber, blue, green, red or white.

Device Communication: There are many ways of communicating with electronic devices and we can accommodate your specific needs. We offer control devices such as keypads, IR remote control, thumbwheels, and contacts for PC control. Some devices are plug and play or you can opt to supply your own control. We can meet your needs tech support is unlimited so give us a call, we are here to help.

LED Scoreboard Signs



Bright, easy-to-see LED clocks are available in sizes from 2.25" and 4.0" (Bar Segment Light) to 6", 8", 12" and 18" high (Dot Matrix Lights). An internal battery will keep the internal timing if power is lost. Digital clocks can be set to 12 or 24 hour modes. Red, Green, or Amber LED lights display hours and minutes (HH:MM) or hours, minutes, and seconds (HH:MM:SS). Stand-alone, master-slave, GPS, and LAN systems. Four or six digits.

LED Counter Scoreboard Signs


LED counter displays increment up by one via data input or automatically by 24-hour increments. You can count anything you can measure. Counters are popular for production line counts and digital rate counters used for trade shows, population and debt counters. Choose from up counters, down counters and variable-rate counters. Red, green, or amber LED lights are easy to see. Four to twelve digits available, and if you need more we can do more. Digit heights: 2.25, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 inches. Data inputs: RS232/RS422/RS485; LAN; Ethernet; Modem; Wireless.


Let the count down begin! We have indoor and outdoor LED timers in various time formats. There are countless uses for an LED Timer in a variety of environments. Industrial and commercial timers are most popular for event timers, production timers and assembly line timer alerts. Choose up or down timers in red, green, blue or amber LED lights that are easy to see from distances. Four to twelve digits or more. Display hours and minutes (HH:MM) or hours, minutes, and seconds (HH:MM:SS). Other time formats available. Digit heights: 2.25, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 inches.


Industrial scoreboards incorporate counters, clocks and timers and printing is specified by you. Production scoreboards measure the data and display the results for employees and management to easily see. Tracking production time and alerting personnel keeps the operations going to save time and money. We stock standard off the shelf scoreboards or we can build a custom scoreboard to meet your specific needs. 


Custom Counter Scoreboard Display