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We Illuminate Your Business & Branding! 


Lightbox Wall

Here at the Lightbox Shop, we are ready to serve the needs of both you and your business. So whether you are looking for signage for your business that is both stunning and eye-catching or are looking to spice up your home with a gorgeous lighted graphic we have an option that is perfect for you and your needs.

Our signs are equipped with intense LED lighting that will provide the contrast needed for illuminating any graphics placed in front of it. These signs work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use, and have various applications ranging from trade show marketing to traffic control. Backlit signs are not only eye-catching, but they also provide a warm element of elegance to any space.

In our signs, we use LED lights, which are more environmentally friendly than other choices on the market. Fluorescent lights, which are used in some backlit signs, are more fragile due to their glass construction, contain mercury, and use eight watts per foot. On the other hand, LED lights are rubberized, allowing for better durability.


Why LED Lighting?

LED lighting is a more economical option than their counterparts, as they only utilize two to four watts per foot. The LED lights also last much longer than fluorescent lights or incandescent lights and can last up to three times as long as fluorescent bulbs, and up to twenty-five times longer than incandescent bulbs. This means that LED lights save you both time and money.


What Do We Offer?

Here at the Lightbox Shop, we offer a variety of options tailored to your individual needs. In addition, we offer custom designs, so clients have the opportunity to create something unique for their business. Our products are artfully designed to suit their intended purpose, and are carefully crafted to last for years to come.


LED Lightbox Sign

Our LED lightbox signs are less than an inch deep, making them ideal in high-traffic areas. They are equipped with an aluminum snap frame that holds the graphic snugly in place, creating a perfect final product. These snap frames are user-friendly and allow for quick and easy changes of the graphic.


Fabric Frames

Our fabric frames are optimal for trade shows and retail, as they appear frameless front while providing a sturdy premium display. The fabric frames feature a silicone edge graphic that fits taut to create a smooth seamless graphic display that is easy to transport, making for a quick and easy setup. >

Full color graphics

Backlit Trade Show Displays

Backlit trade show displays offer premium advertising opportunities for businesses to catch the eyes of those passing. Our backlit trade show displays utilize the same technology as our fabric frames - silicone edge graphics that easily press fit into the frame.

The backlit graphic material stretches just enough to eliminate any possible wrinkles, resulting in an impressive display. However, in some cases, backlit displays can appear washed out. To prevent this, when printing, we ensure the ink is deeply saturated into the fabric so that the final product will remain vibrant, both illuminated and non-lit.


Directional Signage

If your business is needing directional signs, we have several options for you. The lighted messages that are displayed with wide-angle LED lights are visible even in full sunlight. The sign face is impact-resistant and features corrosion-resistant all-weather housing. These signs are manufactured in the United States and come with a five-year warranty.


Outdoor Lightboxes

We offer various outdoor lighted signs to help your business be well-marked and eye-catching to traffic passing by. The LED lights inside our signs make for cost-efficient lighting and low maintenance. Our outdoor signs are built to withstand the elements, are sturdy, and function in even the worst weather. We welcome custom orders, so if you have a vision of what you want, we can build it for you!


Premium Printing

For the artists out there, we offer premium printing. We have specific guidelines to help you obtain exceptional quality results. Before printing, you can view artwork at 100% print size to see how the artwork will look printed.

This process aids in eliminating fuzzy final results by viewing prior to printing and making adjustments to accommodate any pixelation. We have graphic designers available to help those who need assistance adjusting their artwork to compensate and avoid pixelation.


Digital Displays

Our data collection digital displays are built to facilitate various needs as well. We offer LED clock systems that house an independent battery in the event power is lost. Digital counter displays input data in increments and can be fantastic for trade shows, production lines, and debt counters.

We offer up-counters, down-counters, as well as variable-rate counters. Our digital timers work well for a variety of environments and can facilitate a variety of time formats. We also offer industrial scoreboards that are custom for your needs and are perfect for both tracking and production. These devices can be remotely controlled using several different devices, such as keypads, thumbwheels, and contacts for PC control.

Digital Signs

We offer several options of digital signage as well, such as digital kiosks, freestanding signs, and tabletop displays. These come with built-in media options, allowing you to communicate with the device in real-time. Audio and surround sound are options with these devices, perfect for pulling in peak interest. This allows for optimum communication with potential clients that facilitates engagement.


Contact The Lightbox Shop Today!

We specialize in illumination and offer a wide variety of options for your business. Each product line is tested and developed to provide you with exceptional quality signs. Speak with a lighting specialist or one of our graphic designers for help with our electronic signs, or create your own custom sign. Regardless of what kind of signage you or your business needs, we have something for you!

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