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Big Sky Backlit Tower Display, SEG Fabric Sign 8' Tall x 3' Square

Backlit Tower DisplaySign 8' Tall x 3' Square with SEG Fabric Graphics The Big Sky Tower is backlit..


Tower Sign Display Illuminated 8ft tall x 4ft Square, Big Sky SEG frame

Lighted POP Tower Sign Display 8' Tall x 4' Square with SEG Fabric GraphicsThe Big Sky Tower i..


SEG Light Box Tower Sign Big Sky 8ft Tall x 5ft Square

Big Sky Backlit Trade Show Tower Display 8' Tall x 5' Square with SEG Fabric Graphics The Big Sky T..


SEG Tower Sign Display Big Sky 12'h x 4' Square Lightbox

Lightbox SEG Tower Sign 12ft Tall x 4ft Square, LED IlluminatedThe Big Sky SEG Tower Sign is bac..


Big Sky Illuminated Tower Display 12'H X 5' Square, SEG System

SEG Tower Sign 12' Tall x 5' Square, LED IlluminatedThe Big Sky SEG Illuminated tower sign is illumi..


Big Sky Lighted Tower Display, 12ft Tall X 6ft Square, SEG Frame

SEG Lighted Tower Display 12' Tall x 6' Square, LED IlluminationThe Big Sky SEG Tower Sign is illumi..


Big Sky Lightbox Stand 14ft Tall Tower Display, 4ft Square, SEG Graphics

SEG Lightbox Stand Tower Display 14' Tall x 4' Square, LED IlluminationThe Big Sky SEG Lightbox Stan..


Big Sky Backlit Tower Display, 14ft Tall, 5ft Square with SEG Graphics

14ft Tall LED Backlit Tower Display, 5' Square, SEG Backlit Fabric, LED LightsThis tall illuminate..


Big Sky Printed Tower Display LED Backlit 6'w X 14'h, Portable

Big Sky 14ft Tall Lighted Tower Display, 6' Square, SEG Backlit Fabric, LED LightsThis super tall..


Big Sky Trade Show Tower, 16ft Tall 4 Sided Display with SEG Graphics

16ft Tall Backlit Tower Display, 4' Square, SEG Backlit Fabric, LED LightsThis super tall trade sho..


Big Sky Lighted Tower Display, 16ft Tall X 5ft square, SEG Frame

16ft Tall Lighted Tower Display, 5' Square, SEG Backlit FabricThis super tall Big Sky tower d..


Big Sky Portable Tower Displays, LED Illuminated 16'h x 6'w Square Tower

Big Sky 16ft Tall Printed LED Tower Display, 6' Square, SEG Backlit Fabric, LED Lights This supe..


Illuminated Tower Displays Make a Big Impact

Trade show tower signs

Our brilliant illuminated tower displays utilize precious advertising space and take the center stage. Big Sky lighted towers are tall and stately creating an alluring atmosphere with style and ambiance. The attractive lighting strikes a balance with SEG fabric display technology. They are portable and sturdy making them ideal for trade show display towers and instore retail POP displays.


Trust the lighting experts at the Lightbox Shop to deliver you the best lighting and backlit printing in the industry. Tower signs and backdrops can be made in custom sizes and shapes to meet your needs, if you can dream it we can build it. Tower frames and custom printed graphics are made in our production facilities in the USA.


Tower displays offer advertisers ample space for branding and promotions. The Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) has a smooth edge to edge surface across the entire frame. We print dye sublimation on a tension fabric graphic with quality 3M inks for deep rich colors with little fade whether your tower sign is turned on or off. When the lights are on, the towers radiance and color saturation are absolutely striking, this sign has the wow factor.


Why Backlit Tower Displays?

  • Towers are a serious exhibit and your customers will take you seriously
  • Towers are portable, illuminated and larger than life
  • When your marketing team needs to make a big impact, this is the sign you
  • Internally lit displays are alluring and elegant with gorgeous glowing graphics
  • You only have one chance to make an impression, big backlit towers have the wow factor

Tower ladder lights


Tower signs are internally lit with LED ladder lights that hang in the center of the tower frame. The lights are very bright and provide even illumination across the entire graphic surface. The transformer plugs into standard outlets and can be placed inside the tower to be out of sight while exhibiting. The ladder lights roll up for storing and transport.


The tower frame is made with a high-quality aluminum that's sturdy yet fairly lightweight for portability. The frame extrusions have a recessed groove that holds the SEG fabric graphics in place. Once the frame is constructed and the lights are attached the display can be laid on its side on a clean surface to attach the graphic, alternatively you can leave standing and use a stepladder. The banner simply press fits into the frames recessed grooves on all sides. Start in the corners, then go midway on the frame and press the beading into the grooves moving toward the corners, repeat for all 4 sides. The SEG graphics should be smooth and taut around the entire frame. Plug it in and you are now ready to exhibit.


Benefits of Trade Show Towers

  • LED ladder lights provide bright even lighting
  • Stretch graphics fit snugly for a smooth advertising surface
  • Silicone edge graphics (SEG) is easy to attach and has no edge distortion
  • 4 sided towers make a great centerpiece
  • Tall towers are stately and majestic
  • Provides extra storage by opening and closing the bottom corner of the tower.