Sign Accessories
Sign Accessories

Sign Accessories for Directional Signs

It is important to choose the right sign accessories to get the most out of your directional sign. When deciding how to mount your signs consider our signposts and sign mounting brackets that are designed for visibility, space, and weather conditions. Other helpful additions are control switches, alarms, strobes, flashers, and dimmers. We have all the bells and whistles for a superior sign of solution.

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Beacon Strobe Light Alarm for LED Directional Signs

Amber Strobe Light, Mounts on Sign CabinetsLow profile sign beacon with amber strobe alarm. Made wit..


Flasher Built in LED Directional Signs and Signals

Adjustable Sign Flash Rate 6-300 Flashes Per Minute  Flashing LED sign accessory with an adj..


Piezo Buzzer Audio Alarm for LED Directional Signs, Fast Warble

Audio Alarms are Mount on Sign Cabinets The piezo alarm is waterproof and designed for outdoor LE..


Universal Mounting Brackets for Ceiling or Side Mount Signs 5.5" Deep

L- Shaped Bracket with Pre-Drilled HolesThe universal sign mount is used for mounting double-sided s..


Sign Additions Complete Your Project 

We offer sign controller switches, beacon strobe lights, audible alarms, automatic photo dimming and flashing LED signs. We make signposts for freestanding, double pole, or hanging signs. We make swivel mounts, angle mounts, recessed mounts, and mounting brackets for ceiling, side mounting.