Traffic Control Signs
Traffic Control Signs

LED Traffic Control Signs and Signals

Outdoor LED signs engineered for viewing in direct sunlight,  very easy to read even on the sunniest days.

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Down Arrow Lighted Sign with Double Led Rows 120-277 VAC, 12x12

12" x 12" LED Down Arrow Traffic Control Signs This TCL series outdoor led down arrow sign h..


Down Arrow and X Sign with 4 Rows LED Lights 120-277 VAC, 22x22

Directional Down Arrow Lane Open or X for Lane Closed Direct motorists to the open lane with this la..


Down Arrow and X Stop and Go Sign 120-277 VAC, 12x12

LED Outdoor Down Arrow | X Lane Control Signs, Double LED Rows This TCL series outdoor down arr..


Down Arrow and X Led Sign with Double Lights 12-24 VDC, 12 x 12

12-24 Volt Down Arrow | X Lane Control Signs, Double Rows of LED Lights This TCL series outdoor low..


Down Arrow LED Sign with Red X Triple Lights 120-277 VAC, 18x18

LED Down Arrow | X Lane Control Signs, Triple LED Rows This TCL series outdoor down arrow sign has 3..


Up Arrow LED Sign with a Red X 120-277 VAC, 12x12

Outdoor LED UP Arrow | X Lane Control Signs, Double LED Rows This TCL series outdoor UP ARROW and..


Down Arrow Traffic Sign Triple Led Rows 120-277 VAC, 10x10

Traffic Lane Control Down Arrow,  High Visibility LED LightsThis amber down arrow traffic sign ..


Down Arrow Traffic Sign with Triple Led's 120-277 VAC, 10x10

Directional Down Arrow Electronic LED Sign This green down arrow traffic sign has triple led lights ..


Up Arrow and Right Arrow Sign with White Lights 120 -277 VAC 22x22

Directional Up Arrow | Right Arrow, Triple Rows of LIghtsThis highly visible traffic control sign ha..


Down Arrow and Red X Lane Sign Triple LED's 12-24 VDC, 10x10

LED Down Arrow | X Lane Control Signs, Three LED Rows This TCL series outdoor down arrow - X sign ha..


Down Arrow and Red X Lane Sign Triple LED's 120-277 VAC, 10x10

LED Down Arrow | X Lane Control Signs, Three LED Rows This TCL series outdoor down arrow - X sign ha..


Up Arrow and X Sign with Triple LED Lights 12-24 VDC, 10x10

12-24V LED Up Arrow | X Lane Control Signs, Three LED Rows This low voltage sign directs traffic t..


Down Arrow and X LED Sign 120-277 VAC, 7x7

X and Down Arrow Traffic Lane Control Signs, Bright LED Lights This TCL series outdoor down arr..


Large Red X LED Sign with Triple Lights 120-277 VAC, 10x10

Directional LED Sign X for Lane Closed This big red X traffic sign has bright LED lights that alert ..


Down Arrow and X Traffic Sign with LED Lights 12-24 VDC, 7x7

12-24 Volt Down Arrow and X Traffic Control Signs, Free Shipping This TCL series outdoor low voltag..


LED Traffic Signs and Signals

LED Directional Signs are Ideal for Traffic Lane Control

Our directional systems define the correct lane to use clearly and effectively. Bright LED lights are easy to see and keep the traffic moving safely in the right direction. LED lane control signs work around the clock to ensure motorists use the correct lanes. LED lane use signs are small in size to fit small spaces with clear bright red and green LED lights to get your stop and go alert seen. LED lights are cost-efficient and reliable, they work maintenance-free night and day.

These led traffic signs display arrows, X's, lane open and closed, passes only and any other message needed. They are ideal for highway signs, automotive bays, industrial bays, drive-thru lanes, parking garages, and service centers. If you want to keep traffic moving smoothly and efficiently then our reliable LED lane control sign and signals are a great choice for you.

Switch the sign from stop to go with a flip of a switch with our toggle control switches. You may want to consider flashers, strobes or alarms to enhance your alert system. LED blank out signs messages completely disappear when turned off to avoid any traffic confusion. Quick and easy to install, control and maintenance-free. The energy-saving LED lights are long-lasting and rated for 10,000 hours. UL/cUL listed for wet locations.

Parking Arrow Traffic Signs

LED messages are guaranteed readable even in direct sunlight!

Our durable outdoor sign cabinets are designed to protect the sign components against the elements and to keep your sign working 24 hours a day 7 days a week, maintenance-free. The one-piece sign cabinet is a corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum frame.

The sign frame is just 2.5" deep to fit conveniently in under overhangs, eaves and in windows. All our entrance signs ship with our standard lift n' shift back plate for wall mounting. Directional signs can be mounted for the ceiling, post, wall-projection, swivel mounts and custom brackets to meet many applications. The sign face is made with an 1/8" thick impact resistant polycarbonate.

We engineer our directional signs to withstand harsh weather conditions and high vibrations durable enough for tough overhead highway applications. Narrow-angled LEDs and photo-dimming are available for maximum visibility in all lighting conditions.


Double-sided exit and enter signs are available in any size, they are configured with two faces. LED faces are viewable from both directions, coming and going. The message on each face can be the same or different.

We stand behind our signs with a 5-year warranty.

Many of our products are in stock and ready to ship. Stock orders generally ship the same day.