Parking LED Signs
Parking LED Signs

LED Parking Signs

LED Parking signs have bright LED lights that are highly visible even in bright areas. The impact-resistant faces and sturdy aluminum frames make them ideal for outdoor applications.

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LED VALET Parking Sign with Bright Red Letters 120-277 VAC, 7x18

Outdoor VALET Sign, Illuminated Block Letter Display Consider this  LED VALET parking sign w..


Credit Card Only, Cashier, Closed LED Sign 120-277 VAC, 14x26

LED Parking Sign Cashier | Credit Card Only | ClosedThis LED triple message traffic control sign eff..


Employees Only Sign with Bright RED Lights 120-277 VAC, 10x26

LED Parking Signage EMPLOYEE ONLY Sign  This parking control sign efficiently lets customers kn..


Employee Parking Sign Backlit Lightbox 120-277 VAC, 7x34

Employee Parking Outdoor LED Backlit Sign  Bright backlit sign EMPLOYEE PARKING  direct..


PARK and EXIT Sign with Directional Arrows 120-277 VAC, 7x34

Outdoor LED Park / Exit Sign, Illuminated Block Letter Display Consider this led PARK and EXIT tr..


Backlit Parking Sign P Symbol and Enter Here 120-277 VAC, 18x18

Parking Enter Here Sign Outdoor LED Backlit Sign  Alert motorists of your parking lot entr..



Outdoor LED Sign SPACE AVAILABLE | GARAGE FULL Message 7" x 42" This parking lot sign reads ..


GARAGE and OPEN and FULL Led Parking Sign 120-277 VAC, 14x26

LED Sign GARAGE | OPEN | FULL Parking Sign, Direct View LED  This triple message LED parki..


MONTHLY ONLY and FULL Outdoor LED Sign 120-277 VAC, 14x34

MONTHLY ONLY | FULL Lighted Parking Sign, Direct View LED SignThis LED parking lot sign in..


PARKING Sign Backlit LED Display 120-277 VAC, 7x34

Outdoor LED PARKING Sign, Illuminated Block Letter Display Consider this led PARKING tr..


VALET, OPEN and ClOSED LED Sign 120-277 VAC, 7x34

Outdoor VALET | OPEN or CLOSED  7" x 34", Impact Resistant Sign Face This Valet LE..


TAKE TICKET WITH YOU Led Parking Sign 120-277 VAC, 14x18

TAKE TICKET WITH YOU Lighted Parking Sign, Direct View LED SignThis LED parking lot sign d..


CREDIT CARD ONLY or CLOSED Parking Lot Sign 120-277 VAC, 18x18

CREDIT CARD ONLY | CLOSED LED Parking Sign, Direct View LED This double message LED parking lot sign..


GARAGE, OPEN, FULL LED Parking Signage 120-277 VAC, 14x18

LED Sign GARAGE | OPEN | FULL Parking Sign, Wide Angle LEDs  This triple message LED parki..


PERMIT EXIT ONLY Parking Garage Sign120-277 VAC, 14x18

LED Sign PERMIT EXIT ONLY Parking Sign, Direct View LED  This LED parking lot sign alerts ..


LED Parking Signs Alert and Inform Motorists

LED Parking Signs Track and Post Space Available

Directional parking signs for parking lots and garages keep traffic flowing safely in the right direction. Direct motorists into your parking lot with PARK signs with arrows. Post enter and exit signs to safely direct drivers of the correct entrance and exit lanes. Open and full signs let customers know if space is available or not. We have many signs with various messages and we make custom signs so you can create your own message.


Our LED lights are clear and bright making them very easy to see and get big attention from a small cabinet. The slim profile allows you to mount them just about anywhere. Outdoor LED parking signs are ideal for inside and outside parking garages, hospital parking, service center parking, airports, convention centers and many more parking lots large or small.


We offer many styles and sizes of parking signage such as side by side messages, top, and bottom messages and changing messages. Our signs are readable in direct sunlight, American made, and energy-efficient.


LED sign systems are durable, reliable and maintenance-free working around the clock directing motorists with bright glowing letters. LED lights have a long life span and are cost-efficient and reliable. Wide angled LEDs feature maximum visibility in all lighting conditions.

We offer led parking control signs in red, green, blue, white and amber lights. Select horizontal or vertical orientations with single, double and triple rows of LED lights for optimum lighting and efficiency. The signs are designed for indoor and outdoor use as road-side signs outside parking areas or inside parking garages. If you want to keep traffic moving smoothly and safely then our reliable LED traffic signs are a great choice for you.

How do I control the sign? You can switch your sign from open to closed with a flip of a switch using one of our toggle control switches. Our LED traffic signs can also be controlled by software, electrical switches and dry contact relays. You may want to consider flashers, strobes or alarms to enhance your alert system. Electrical is easy to install, control and maintain, we provide complete wiring diagrams. The energy-saving LED lights are long-lasting and rated for 10,000 hours. UL/cUL listed for wet locations.

Outdoor LED No Public Access Signs

LED messages are bright readable even in direct sunlight, we guarantee it!

Durable outdoor sign cabinets are specially designed to protect the sign components against the harsh elements and to keep your sign working for you. The body of the sign is corrosion-resistant aluminum and maintenance-free. The cabinet depth is just 2.5". All our LED parking signs ship with our standard lift n' shift back plate for wall mounting. Directional signs can be mounted for the ceiling, posts, wall-projection, and custom brackets to meet your applications.

Directional signs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and high vibrations.

LED Directional Parking Garage Sign

Key Features

  • Energy-saving LED lights
  • Lighting is viewable even in direct sunlight
  • Wide-angle lights for maximum visibility
  • Lighting is rated for 10,000 hours
  • Corrosion-resistant all-weather housing
  • Impact-resistant sign face
  • 5-year Warranty
  • UL/cUL Listed for wet locations
  • Manufactured in the USA


Double-sided exit and enter signs are available in any size, they are configured with two faces. LED faces are viewable from both directions, coming and going. The message on each face can be the same or different.

Many of our products are in stock and ready to ship. Stock orders generally ship the same day.

We stand behind our signs with a 5-year warranty.