Artwork Guidelines

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Artwork Guidelines for Custom Printed Graphics

Submitting Artwork: Please place an order before submitting your art files and include the order number in in the comments with your upload.


Upload here:

Send to:

Design Software: We recommend designing in Illustrator for best results, photos can be edited and set to 125dpi at full size then placed embedded in illustrator.

Images: Please view images at print size to see if they are suitable for enlarging. Images should be set to 125dpi at actual print size for the best results.

Color: All files need to be converted to CMYK. Avoid color shifts.

Fonts: Be sure to convert all your text to outlines when using Adobe Illustrator. If the fonts are not outlined, font shifts can occur and cause delays in production.

Logos: We suggest using vector logos however high resolution images are okay.

File Size: Art files need to be set up to the actual print size. Files can be submitted at half or quarter scale if specified in the template for very large items, otherwise, all graphics should be sent at full scale.

Graphic Resolution: Images should be set to 125 dpi at actual print size for the best results.

Acceptable File Formats For Printing: Call us about other file formats.


Art file formats