Illuminated Signs and Displays

We offer lighted signs for retail advertising, traffic control, storefronts and trade show displays.

Lighting enhances advertising and Information. Studies show that illuminated signs get seen several times more than non-illuminated signs. Lighting attracts the eye to your message high-lighting brands, promotions, and informational signage. We offer thin lightbox signs with easy change graphics for retail stores, restaurants and art galleries. If you're going to a trade show or an event we have SEG lightbox displays that are portable and easy to manage. If you don't need illumination, no worries we have portable SEG signs for you too. If you are looking for a sign in your store window you may want to consider our flashing led business signs. Our outdoor signs include backlit sign letters, full graphic signs, and traffic control directional signs. We have super bright LED outdoor parking signs, traffic signs, open and closed signs, enter and exit signs and bank signs. If you don't see what you're looking for please feel free to call, we love to shop with our customers.

Advantages to advertising with lighted signs

  • Catches the eye of shoppers and passerby's

    Eyes are naturally drawn to lights, that's why using illuminated signage is so popular.  Lighted signs look good in the daytime with the lights on or off, and they look spectacular at night. Backlighting is warm and welcoming creating ambiance in your space.

  • Better visibility from greater distances

    Your sign will be seen from much greater distances with bright lights, pick the right spots for your signage and you can't be missed.  Let customers know you are open, direct traffic or light up a dark corner in your store. Trade shows are a great place to use lighting to stand out from the crowd. If your booth is all lit up and your neighbors are not you are sure to outshine them all.

  • Illumination look professional

    Backlit signs look more professional and richer. Create a longer-lasting impression in front of your customers simply by added lights.

  • Safety and warning signs are more effective

    Bright colorful LED lights can be static or flashing and they get attention. Warning signs need to be the brightest object in the area to interrupt drivers or pedestrians and warn dangers and information they need to know. Enter and exit signs are a great example to avoid unnecessary accidents.


Most of our signs are illuminated with eco-friendly LED lighting. We can still provide florescent but it's not the best option and here's why. Why use LED lights over fluorescent lights, well there are many points that make the LED bulb better. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and use 8 watts per foot. They are constructed with glass materials and are very fragile. On the other hand, LED bulbs contain NO mercury, and are more energy-efficient, using 2-4 watts per foot. LED lights are rubberized, making them more durable. LED lights last longer than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. For example, a 12.5 watt LED bulb lasts 25,000 hours on average, a 15-watt fluorescent bulb lasts only 8,500 hours. An incandescent light lasts even less, with a 60-watt bulb lasting only 1,000 hours. This means that an LED light can replace up to three fluorescent bulbs and up to twenty-five incandescent bulbs, saving time and money.

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