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LED Light box signs have a translucent panel that is illuminated from behind with bright LED lights. Backlit signs are ideal for messages that need to be seen with high contrast. Lighting is radiant and attractive giving your branding the competitive edge. We offer lightboxes for indoor and outdoor advertising, trade show event marketing, media rooms, and led traffic control. Find out how you can stand out from the crowd with the power of illumination. 



Light Box Signs and Backlit Displays


We are all about illumination here at the Lightbox Shop. We offer an extensive selection of lighted signs and displays in various styles and sizes for a wide variety of applications. If your not sure of the best sign for your application call the lighting experts, we can help you get the right lighted sign or display for your project. Putting a light behind your signs will get you more attention whether your goal is to win more business, create elegance, or to direct and alert motorists. Studies show that illuminated signs get viewed several times more often than non-illuminated signs. Lights naturally attract the eye making them popular with advertisers, business owners, and traffic controllers that need their signs to be seen.


Backlit Displays Catch the Eyes of Passersby

Eyes are naturally drawn to lights, that's why using illuminated signage is so popular.  Lighted displays are warm and welcoming creating ambiance and elegance in any space. Go with the glow and outshine your competitors. Backlighting is highly effective for trade shows displays, retail POP displays, and business signage.

LED Light Box Signs Have High Visibility

Putting a light behind your outdoor light box sign will not only get your business found at night it will also attract attention from greater distances.  LED business identification signs are bright and reliable working night and day for your business. Choose the right sign in the right location and your message won't be missed. We make custom signs.

Illuminated Signs Look Professional

Illuminated posters and signs are impressive and look professional. Stunning photo quality Duratrans graphics have vibrant colors and clean lines. Snap frame lightboxes hold posters tightly for a smooth presentation. Create a longer-lasting impression in front of your customers simply by adding lights behind your branding.

Safety & Warning Signs are More Effective

Bright blazing LED lights get drivers' attention whether they are static or flashing. Warning signs need to be the brightest object in the area to interrupt drivers or pedestrians and warn of dangers or important information. Reliable led traffic control lights are an effective way to avoid unnecessary accidents. 

Why LED Lights Over Fluorescent?


Most of our signs are illuminated with eco-friendly LED lighting. We can still provide florescent but it's not the best option and here's why. Why use LED lights over fluorescent lights, well there are many points that make the LED bulb better. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and use 8 watts per foot. They are constructed with glass materials and are very fragile. On the other hand, LED bulbs contain NO mercury, and are more energy-efficient, using 2-4 watts per foot.


LED lights are rubberized, making them more durable. LED lights last longer than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. For example, a 12.5 watt LED bulb lasts 25,000 hours on average, a 15-watt fluorescent bulb lasts only 8,500 hours. An incandescent light lasts even less, with a 60-watt bulb lasting only 1,000 hours. This means that an LED light can replace up to three fluorescent bulbs and up to twenty-five incandescent bulbs, saving time and money.

Brilliant Sign Illumination Enhances Retail POP Displays

Luminous LED lightbox signs brighten up any space and attract more attention to advertising poster signs. Ambient lighting behind beautiful backlit graphics has a harmonious and alluring look. Retailers love the quick change graphics and the thin profile of our snap frame lightboxes and flip-up frames. These tried and true signs are popular for retail store signs, restaurant menu boards and art galleries.


The lightbox frame depth is under one inch thick, this thin frame meets ADA requirements and is effective for high traffic areas. Graphic changes are quick and easy, simply snap open the frame edges, place the graphic insert and lens inside then snap shut to hold the graphic tightly in place.


Our SEG fabric frames are also becoming more popular for retail environments, we can build much larger lightbox display sizes and they break down small for shipping. All of our signs are made with long-lasting LED lighting and use quality aluminum extrusions. We precisely miter and edges for smooth tight corners every time. We make lightboxes in standard and custom sizes. We print custom backlit graphics to your specifications and offer graphic design services.

Backlit Fabric Displays Have Glowing Lights Behind Elegant Printed Graphics

Radiant lighting compliments fashionable SEG fabric to create chic and alluring displays that captivate and engage shoppers. Popular with exhibitors that want there trade show display to be extra extraordinary to stand out in any space. We encourage you to "Go with the Glow" to ensure your event displays have a glowing romantic effect that can only be achieved with vivid printing on a quality backlit graphic material.


Best of all is the portability, take your display on the road to trade shows, conventions and expos, SEG fabric frames set-up easily and pack up compact.


SEG graphics have a beading that simply press fits into the grooves on the frame. Replacement graphics are cost-effective with fast turns giving you the freedom to change them out as often as you like. Shop our fabric displays for a variety of options. We make custom styles and sizes, made in the USA.

Blazing LED Signs for Traffic Control Will Not be Missed, Day or Night

Directing traffic is a serious business and there is no more effective way than with beaming blazing brilliant lights. You can even step that up a notch with flashing lights and alarms.


We offer a wide range of options in traffic control signs from portable LED traffic trailers to compact LED directional signs that pack a big punch. LED lights are super bright and are guaranteed readable day or night. All our traffic signs are made in the USA and have 5-year warranty.


Shop for parking signs, traffic signs, open and closed signs, enter and exit signs and bank drive-thru signs. If you don't see what you're looking for please call, we make custom signs.